Risk Factors of DIY Tree Removal

Risk Factors of DIY Tree Removal

Jan 31, 2023

Tree removal comes with many benefits.  Removal keeps your household safe from falling limbs and improves your property’s visual appeal, especially when diseased or dead plants are involved.

Although tree removal is beneficial, you should think twice before doing it yourself. Why? It is perilous and can lead to many complications, including personal injuries. For your safety and peace of mind, leave this project to the experts.

Let’s explore the dangers of DIY tree removal.

1. Property Damages

If you attempt DIY tree removal without proper skills, chances are high that you’ll use the wrong techniques.  That can lead to numerous scenarios. First, tree limbs can crash through your roof and cause costly damage. In extreme cases, the issue can exacerbate within a couple of days and cause the entire structure to cave in. In such an instance, you will have no option but to evacuate.

A falling tree may also spare your home but fall on your neighbor’s property. If that happens, you will be responsible for any subsequent damages. Your neighbor can sue you, leading to a bad relationship and financial repercussions.

2. Personal Injuries

A tree removal project gone wrong can lead to a wide range of injuries. A falling branch or debris can strike you, leading to an array of injuries. If the limb crushes your back, you may suffer spinal cord injuries like a dislocated vertebra or broken spine. There is also the potential for branches to hit your head and cause brain injuries.

Another risk is losing your hold or grip while trimming tree limbs and causing them to fall to the ground. That is a common problem that many DIYers and pros face. It can lead to multiple, severe, and often crippling injuries. You may end up with one of the biggest complications of falling out of a tree: spinal injury. This issue is among the leading causes of traumatic paraplegia and quadriplegia.

Beyond that, tree removal often happens near power lines. If you’re not careful, falling limbs can down electric wires and cause extensive damage. You may also get electrocuted or start a fire.

Other people may also become victims of your endeavors. For example, without the necessary precautions, a falling branch can hit a passerby and injure them. Or, power lines can harm people around the scene. All these may lead to injury, legal issues, and hefty repercussions.

3. Death

Tree removal is a risky affair, even for professionals. According to research, the most common cause of death in woodcutters is falling trees and limbs. Most died from incidents associated with significant blows to the head.

Besides falling trees and branches, various other unfortunate events can lead to fatalities during tree removal. These include a lack of proper equipment. To properly remove a tree or limb, you need hand saws, wood chippers, different wedges, pole saws, etc. Safety gear is also necessary, including glasses, boots, gloves, and helmets.

Most importantly, tree-related projects call for a harness. This device prevents fatal falls. You can also use climbing spikes to make your job easier. Without such equipment and tools, tree removal can lead to death without warning.

4. Fines and Penalties

Do some state authorities require people to apply for a permit before removing a tree? In Maryland, for example, you can’t start this project without seeking permission from the Department of Permitting Services. If the tree or trees involved are along a Montgomery County maintained road, or you expect considerable soil disruption, a permit is absolutely necessary.

Not to forget, authorities know that tree removal is dangerous work. That is why the law in many states requires residents to hire experts.

The blowback can be massive if you ignore set rules and cut down a tree without a license or permit. State officials may require you to pay thousands in fines or face jail time.

Let the Experts Help You

DIY tree removal attracts countless dangers, including personal injuries, property damages, and in extreme cases, death. Don’t risk your life! Let Patrick Musser Tree Service step in and help.

We have licensed tree experts who offer numerous services, from dangerous tree removal to pruning and trimming. Our tree care professionals serve many areas, including DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. If you want to know more, contact our team today!