Pruning and Deadwood

Maintenance to Ensure Strong and Beautiful Trees

Arborists are specialists in the agriculture of trees and shrubs. Serving Frederick and Montgomery Counties and surrounding areas, Patrick Musser Tree Service, Inc.’s arborists, dedicate their practice to caring for your trees by pruning. Our obligation to surpassing customer expectations begins with removing the unhealthy parts of a tree or shrub to save the rest of the plant. 

Benefits of Pruning by Patrick Musser Tree Service, Inc.:

  • Corrects irregular growth
  • Eliminates deceased parts of a tree
  • Eliminates potential safety hazards
  • Gives the tree structure and strength
  • Keeps your trees and shrubbery healthy
  • Promotes tree or fruit growth
  • Protects your home from damage
  • Simplifies transplantation

Patrick Musser Tree Service, Inc. understands that everyone has different trees and properties. We form relationships with our clients on a personal level to tailor services to fit your home, needs and budget. Our team works one-on-one with you to make sure, whether you need unhealthy branches or potentially dangerous limbs removed, Patrick Musser Tree Service, Inc. has you covered. Our teams of arborists and technicians also have the experience to make your yard more visually attractive for those of you looking to beautify your home.

Do Your Trees Need Some Attention?